Outreach Activities

This page contains details of various public lectures I have given and other outreach activities that I have taken part in.

Public Lectures

This is a list of public lectures that I have given, in reverse chronological order. Videos of some of these talks may be found in the talks section of this webpage.

Other Activities

This is a list of other outreach activities that I have taken part in, in reverse chronological order.

Loughborough University Open and Visit Days, 2018 - present
Since 2018 I have taken regular part in open and visit days at Loughborough University. This has included giving the main Mathematics at Loughborough presentation on three occasions, which gives prospective students an introduction to our department, our courses, and the kinds of things that they would study if they choose to do a degree in mathematics.
ASMI Student Project Coordinator, July 2012 - August 2012
I coordinated student projects for the Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute programme. This involved providing support to a group of nine high school students whilst they worked on a range of challenging mathematics research projects.
United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Mentor, October 2009 - June 2011
I volunteered as a senior mentor for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. As such, I remotely mentored two A-level students as they attempted a series of mathematical problems designed to stretch their abilities and inspire them to study higher mathematics.

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